The 2016 Artful Business Conference

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The Artful Business Conference is only THREE weeks away. Why is this important, you say? Well, you know how I said after my review of last year’s conference that I thought it might be life-changing but I’d let you know?


I’m pretty sure it was.


Thanks to Karen Gunton, I’ve found my ‘thing’. (It’s Beauty. My purpose is to put it out into the world, in whatever form that takes. And yes, it’s a massive shift for me.)

Thanks to Sylvia Chierchia, I’ve got a MUCH better handle on my money, and my money situation has improved drastically.

And thanks to the founder of this beautiful conference, Elle Roberts, I’m facing my fears and doing it anyway. (F’rinstance: before, I struggled to find photos of me that I even liked. Now, I’m the selfie queen, and I’ve got a good dozen videos under my belt (yeah yeah, I know they’re short, but it’s a start!)). And I’m pushing myself out there in lots of other ways – new products, and a (ahem) webinar in the planning stages.

Soooo, I totally admit I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I feel like I’ve changed so much for the better, and I’ve pushed forward to that place bigtime.



What’s in store for the 2016 conference?

ArtfulBizCon 2015

ArtfulBizCon 2015 – and yes you can bring your baby!


This is going to be the fourth year in a row that I’ve attended, I would LOVE it if you joined me there. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, this is THE two-day creative conference for small business owners – whether you’re a maker, or business coach, or anything in between. It’s about practical knowledge, mindset work, plus gorgeous, gorgeous women all believing in each other and helping each other step up – what’s not to love!?

This year’s speakers including host and founder, Elle Roberts, talking about Personal Branding & Tribe Building; the amazing and dynamic Tash Corbin speaking about building your biz with passive income; artist and psychologist Felicity  O’Connor telling us about building a business as a creative artist and addressing the particular set of parameters and problems that artists have; Katie Wyatt talking about building your biz with podcasting – and a WHOLE BUNCH more wonderful speakers. There are also workshops, VIP breakfasts, and a whole host of other fun things planned. It’s on the 28th and 29th May at Rydges in Melbourne (so it’ll be swish, and I’m totally frocking up for it!).


Artful Business Conference 2015

(here’s me with Jacara and Lyn last year)


Once again, I’m a super duper proud affiliate (why wouldn’t I be!?) and I’ve got a super duper bonus if you buy through my link.  Not only do you get all the wonderfulness of this beautiful business conference, you also get a free 1hr 1:1 brand coaching session with me PLUS 2 x branded graphics that you can use for social media or anything else you need (my package alone is worth $240 – way more value than the cost of a Virtual Access ticket).


Book your ticket here and I’ll see you there!


Don’t miss it.

Julie xxx


The Artful Business Conference. It’s for all creative small biz types.


Like so many small business, I’m a one-person show, and most days I need all the help I can get staying focused. Motivation needs refreshing often, as it’s incredibly easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of stuff that needs to be done.

When you have your own biz, there is ALWAYS more to do than you have time for, and as you keep juggling, you start to lose sight of the reasons you’re doing what you do. (And no, it’s not all about money.)


That’s why I’m going HERE!

Crafty? Creative? The place to be is at The Artful Business Conference


The Artful Business Conference is all about education and inspiration, aimed specifically at those people working in art, design and craft industries. There will be eight speakers from around the globe, all covering different aspects of building a biz, including the fab Jessika Hepburn from Oh My! Handmade Goodness, Shayne Tilley marketing guru, and Karen Gunton from Build A Little Biz.

It’s an interactive virtual summit, and I for one am incredibly excited about attending! As a biz going solo, learning about marketing, money and motivation from those who know what they’re talking about can only be a good thing.

The event is streamed live online September 3rd and 4th, and tickets start at at $99. If you grab a Gold or Premium Pass you get 6 months access to all the sessions so you can come back and watch them in your own time – excellent for cementing all those great ideas in your head!

You can find out more information here, at the ArtfulBusinessConference website. Hope to see you there!

Cheers, Julie


* Note: This is is an affiliate post, which means I do receive a fee for sales generated through this post. However, I would NEVER promote anything I don’t believe in, and I truly think this is a great opportunity for small biz operators to meet, learn and grow. See you there!