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Inspiring : Emily Julstrom {surface design}

emily julstrom - magenta flowers

Emily Julstrom says it’s good to get as many terrible ideas off your chest as possible so you can get to something interesting. I think she must have done an awful lot of work, because what I see is utter skill and total clarity of vision. I first came across some of Emily’s surface designs on Pinterest (oh yes! I… Read more »

Inspiring: Julie Emmerson {surface design}

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Julie Emmerson is making her mark in the world of pattern. And just like her location, her patterns are filled with sunshine too – bright colours, simple shapes and warmth.     After a long career in graphic design, she says it was a natural progression. “Creatives are always… Read more »

Inspiring: Laura Olivia & the Mekong Delta {surface design}

  Laura Olivia has a long-term fascination with Vietnam. So much so that she has designed her latest collection around it – from the floating markets where the locals trade from boat to boat, to the lush tropical flora and fauna of the area – especially around the massive Mekong River, which is the lifeblood of… Read more »