laura mysak - roses

laura mysak – roses


“It’s funny how sometimes, the thing which daunts you the most is the area that you should be pushing yourself towards.” Two years after I first featured Laura Mysak‘s surface designs, she took a brave step into the unknown world of large-scale wall art. And suddenly realised that her particular style of painting actually looked great in this format. She hasn’t looked back.


laura mysak - peony

laura mysak – peony


Designing repeats is still an important focus for her, and two years counts as a substantial amount of work; It’s no surprise that Laura’s watercolours are more confident and richer than ever before. “I think the feedback I’ve had from the various people I’ve worked with has helped me develop my style to what it is today. There have been several successes from which I have gained more confidence in my work and just the realisation that other people like it, and are willing to buy into it helps.”


laura mysak - hyacinth

laura mysak – hyacinth

laura mysak - large rose

laura mysak – large rose

“I also think that a general maturity naturally arises when you’ve been trying different things out until one thing fits. Having said that, I do believe my work will always change and grow. And I actually think that’s better than staying stagnant. It’s important to try new things but to always remember what you’re essentially good at and, with me, it’s the original watercolour painting which always remains the starting point for each of my pieces.”


“It’s important to try new things but to always remember what you’re essentially good at”


Since her last interview with me, Laura has been working hard at honing her style and making connections within the industry. Now her work has been spotted by high profile licensing consultants, and she is currently working with some clients she loves. And last year she was chosen to be part of Artistic Britain’s slot on QVC TV. Laura calls it “lucky” to have these things happen for her, but I’m thinking that it might also have something to do with hard work and perseverance…


laura mysak - poppies

laura mysak – poppies

laura mysak - iris hydrangea hellebore

laura mysak – iris hydrangea hellebore


She has her eyes set firmly on the future. Laura is working on gaining more momentum through additional licensing, so that she can grow her brand and get to work with more varied products and clientele. “I hope, one day, to have a range which I can be really proud of and perhaps see it in a high street store!”

I’m sure she will.

You can find more of Laura’s beautiful work on her website,


laura mysak - wildflowers 3

laura mysak – wildflowers 3