So, what was the 2016 Artful Business Conference like?

2016 artful business conference

Me, hanging out with a few friends at the Artful Business Conference – Jess, Dominique, Tash, Jayne, Karen, and Stevie <3


What WAS the 2016 Artful Business Conference like? Perhaps I don’t even have to say the words. Of course it was fabulous.

I got to actually MEET and give hugs to Jess Van Den, who I’ve known online for about a gazillion years. Too too beautiful! I got to dance with a room full of 80 or so women and laugh. I got my soul stirred by the hauntingly beautiful voice of Dominique Oyston. I got to play with paper and glue and textas, and draw on the table. I was lucky enough to get an Indian head massage from Shalini. I got fed SO much incredible information and I have written pages and pages and PAGES of notes of things to implement (oh!!!!). Hugs hugs and more hugs with gorgeous people I met IRL at last year’s conference – Tash Corbin, Karen Gunton, Jess May, Katie Wyatt, Jayne Traeger-Bliss and so many more…. and of course ELLE and her team – Meg, Kellie, and Jodi. And even more hugs from new friends I’ve only met online since last year. So many laughs, and tears too – of joy, of resonance, and connection (and not as many tears from overwhelm like there were for me last year, haha!!).

There were some fabulous quotes too.

“Focus on one thing” – Katie

“You’ve got to fill yourself up from the inside out” – Melanie

“You can never live the life you want without disappointing some people” – Felicity

“Focus on the long game” – Tash

“Don’t tolerate. What’s the biggest thing you’re tolerating in your life right now?” – Sylvia

“Tell yourself, ‘It’s a practice’. Give yourself permission to make mistakes” – Tash

“It’s not Artful unless there’s tears” – Jayne

“A keynote speech is an emotional journey.
You need to get your audience to feel why it’s important.” – Dominique



That last one is particularly important for me. Because I’ve got a little announcement to make.




Hooley freaking dooley. Yes I am.

And I cannot wait. Book your ticket here, and I’ll see you there.


(***UPDATE*** – The link above is an afflink, so I may receive a bonus if you buy through me – BUT the cool thing is that you ALSO receive some fab gifts from me!! If you purchase a virtual ticket through my afflink, you’ll receive a copy of my ebook viz biz – small business branding worth $35; or if you purchase a full ticket, you’ll receive the ebook, access to my Design School Workshop ($50), PLUS a 1 hour of 1:1 with me ($120) – you can talk branding, or you can talk Canva – total value of the bonuses is $205.

Seriously, I can’t wait. See you there.


avi IMG_0108 crop circle brighter


Big love, Julie x

My wrap-up of the 2015 Artful Business Conference

Artful Business Conference
2015 artful business conference

All of us at ArtfulBizCon 2015!! (photo from Matt Clark Photo)


OH. MY. Seriously my head is still spinning from this wonderful, amazing, warm-hearted, beautiful, sharing conference. It was inspiring, it was practical.  It was mind-bending and down-to-earth.

I think it was even life-changing (but I’ll let you know for sure in a year or so).

Karen Gunton (The Lighthouse Revolution) spoke about the need to resonate with what you do. Make it a mission. Call it a revolution. Your purpose is a crusade, an evolution, a voyage, a legacy. To not feel like you have to change the world, but to know you can change the world for one person. To ask yourself, “Who am I NOT to share my passion, my why, what I have to offer?” I felt sure she said that just for me.

Lynda Rennick (Homelea Lass) spoke on living with chronic illness. About life teaching you what you need to know – and being open enough that you listen to its lessons. To live your life with gratitude, to go gently, and to create daily. To write yourself a love letter. About becoming more self-aware, and realising that when you fall into a rut and old habits, you can get yourself out again.

Kym Seletto (the original Rad Bitch) spoke about her journey from being an art school drop-out dealing with anxiety and depression, to realising that self-care is an enormously important thing and being a life coach, teaching others to put themselves front and centre. How to set boundaries in your life and stick to them so that you don’t get burnt out.
And she was fun. She made us all eat frogs. Truly.

Sonia Lyne (Dandelyne Embroidery) talked about her journey from making tiny embroideries to sell, to making kits that are selling worldwide. About her business ups and downs – being confronted by ‘haters’, being told she was ‘lucky’ (it’s hard work), dealing with copiers, dealing with stress. About listening to  what the customers are asking about and using that to change and grow her business. About using your problems to become your solutions. And SHARING. Always sharing. About the need to make yourself happy. About struggling with growing up in a family that always reinforced the idea to “Do things that make other people happy”. But realising that when we do things that make US happy, the happiness flows out of us to others anyway.

Nicky McKay, a web designer and branding expert, brought home the idea of how vitally important it is to brand properly, by telling us the story of her search for the perfect wedding dress. And how the reality of a messy, crowded shop not matching with their slick website left a bad taste in her mouth. And how messy websites made her simply click away. Whatever you do in your brand, be authentic; be consistent.

Sylvia Chierchia (Beautiful Money) got down and dirty with the practicalities of dealing with money. How to get clear on your financial situation, how to sort out your money purpose, what systems to have in place, and to always work with a mindset of abundance, because this is such a powerful thing.

Tash Corbin spoke on the New Feminine Dynamic of Business.  It’s all about connection – discussions, groups, support, showing your vulnerability, responding, inviting questions, caring, and knowing people. Women are so very good at connecting; we can use these skills to get to know our customers better. That’s great for the bottom line.


And Elle? Elle Roberts is the bee’s knees.


So yes, I laughed and I cried. I had tears (of overwhelm, in a good way!). I spoke to (and hugged) all of the speakers. I spoke to nearly everyone in the room, and ate the incredibly delicious food. I met heaps of my online friends, and make some new connections. I learnt a LOT about myself.

It was terrific. I’ve already booked my ticket for 2016 (you can too, I’d LOVE to see you there! Here {and yes that’s an affiliate link but if you book through me you get bonuses including 1hr 1:1 brand coaching with me!! Get in touch for full deets. Also, early bird saving $90 runs out on 29th Feb, 2016}).

And you can STILL get a recording of this year’s event too – a Silver Pass gets you LiveStream Access and a USB recording of all the speakers and all the workshops! Get it here.




If you were at the conference, either virtual or in the room with me, leave me a comment telling what was YOUR biggest takeaway. If you weren’t, let me know why you’d like to go, and what/who you’d like to see!

Big love always, Julie X

2015 Artful Business Conference – here’s why you should go

The 2015 Artful Business Conference… I am beyond excited to be able to attend this event IN PERSON this year (you can read what I had to say about last year’s conference here). YAY me!
(Not to mention being able to visit galleries in the big smoke and catch up with some of my besties 😀 )

Why do I want to go so much? (Hint: if you clicked on the link above you’d know why, but if you just want the quick answer, read on.)

Because it’s fabulous.

Last two years I’ve attended, I have learnt SO much about running a profitable small business for heart-centred creatives. People like you and me, who totally love what they do and want to share that passion with the world.

I’ve learnt to focus on my WHY. I’ve learnt about how I can best help people with the work I do. I’ve learnt about how to get my message across more effectively. I’ve learnt how to adapt to change and grow my brand. I’ve learnt that we all tell ourselves stories about who and what we are, and what we deserve – and because of those stories, we limit and sabotage ourselves in our efforts to get ahead (ooh, I feel I’m still on the first chapter of this one! But I firmly believe that understanding the problem is the key to moving beyond it).

I’ve learnt a bunch of practical things too. How to run a successful social media campaign. How to charge properly for your time, and what that means for your business’s bottom line (seriously, we really don’t value our time enough). Getting rigorous about finding your customers. How to use your email list effectively. (You have one don’t you? Of course you do. And you must be constantly growing it. Yes you do.)




So what’s on this year?

More fabulousness of course.

* Business mentors. To point you in the right direction and help you figure out what you should be focusing on. (Read Tash Corbin’s story here, Kym Seletto’s here, and Artful Business Conference founder, Elle Roberts here).

* Financial mentors, helping you figure out your financial potential, and HOW TO GET IT (Sylvia Chierchia is here).

* Web designers, for building a powerful online presence (Nicki McKay is here).

* Creative business owners that have built their biz from the ground up. They know exactly what it’s like to build a business around something that you love (Lynda Rennick is here, and Sonia Lyne (who I haven’t seen in a squillion years since uni, squeeee!) is here).

And last but not least,
Revolutionaries and lighthouse builders. I cannot say enough about this wonderful person. Karen Gunton is quite simply, awesome.



2015 artfulbizcon 2015 artfulbizcon2


So I’ll see you there, yeah?




Now, I’m an affiliate of this fab event, so that I get a small percentage from every sale – but I would never promote anything I don’t wholeheartedly believe in.

And I really, really, REALLY believe that this event has the power to totally transform your business. So I’m giving you bonus extras! For everyone who signs up through my link, you get a free Brand Clarity coaching session with me – that’s a 1 x hour Skype session and a written report on your biz, valued at $165.

The Artful Business Conference is available online too, so if you can’t be there in person, you can still ‘be there’ and join in! In fact there are a wide range of participation options, so you can find the format that suits you best. Prices range from a Virtual Pass at $97 to a Backstage Pass with ALL the extras at $797.
(So really, even if you spend just $97 bucks, you get $247 value! So what are you waiting for?)




I can’t wait.

Julie X