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Photography : Carol Fletcher

Carol Fletcher has a vague childhood memory of someone trying to show her how to use a Twin Lens camera. She couldn’t understand why, when you look down into the box to focus, that you had to angle the camera to the right in order to get more of the scene on the left. Since then,… Read more »

Photography : R Alexander Trejo

  He’s been snapping images since he was a teen, but decided to train as an architect. It was only after substantial encouragement from his photographer-wife that Philadelphia-based R Alexander Trejo started taking his photography more seriously. His compositions are sparse, yet deeply romantic and slightly surreal, and demonstrate his major influences – the atmospheric… Read more »

Photography : KaleidoscopePhoto

  KaleidoscopePhoto – california retro hotel   Kaleidoscope is such a fabulous word, isn’t it!? And it perfectly describes the neon-bright, carnival-inspired images of Leah from KaleidoscopePhoto.  Saturated hot pinks and yellows predominate, and combined with mid-century signage and flowering succulents produces work that is reminiscent of a time when Thunderbirds, flamingoes and going on… Read more »