Sensuous and serene, the images of Valentina Ruggiero speak in whispers of other worlds dreamed of. Delicate and velvety,  her work is at once seductive, mysterious and remote.


moongardenart - autumn tree

moongardenart – autumn tree


MoonGardenArt is a reflection of what may be found in her work – recurring themes of symmetry and roundness share the mystery and roundness of a full moon, gardens and oceans are offerings from nature with its inexplicable beauty.


moongardenart - chrysanthemum

moongardenart – chrysanthemum


moongardenart - golden wood

moongardenart – golden wood


Valentina received a Master of Arts in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, and she works across several mediums, including painting, photography, and digital image manipulation. From 2006 to 2009 she worked as assistant to the sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato. She currently lives and works in Venice.


moongardenart - red rose passion

moongardenart – red rose passion


moongardenart - white ocean

moongardenart – white ocean


You can find more of her work in her Etsy shop MoonGardenArt, and on her own website,