Jasmine Scott is a maker of resin rings, and a New Zealander currently based in Florida (I’m sure she went there for the weather ;)).


jasmine scott – berry souffle


jasmine scott – cucumber


Graduate of the prestigious National Art School in Sydney, and winner of numerous awards in various disciplines, her talent is spread through drawing, painting, sculpture and especially printmaking.

In recent years however, she has turned her considerable talents to resin jewellery, with inspiration from retro pop and candy, brightly coloured and super fun. She has an impressive eye for colour and subtlety, with wonderful attention to details. When I asked her about her influences, she included “Marini, Auerbach, Modgiliani, Giacometti, Rothko and Motherwell. I particularly love their expressive manipulation of materials.” And while several of these I can see are more influential on Scott’s printmaking, I can especially see Rothko as a starting point for her jewellery, in his use of rich, layered colour.


jasmine scott – latte


She also told me that she was “obsessed with a fantastic book, ‘1000 Rings’ by Lark Books [and you really must check out the rest of the Lark series too – fabulous contemporary craft! – JG], and a blog that only focuses on fabulous rings, TheCarrotBox.
Both sources have an incredible collection of both established and emerging artists/designers.”


jasmine scott – seamonkey


jasmine scott – man o war


I love Jasmine’s rings! But looking back over what this incredibly talented artist has done in her career so far, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

You can find more about Jasmine and her work on her website www.jasminescott.net, and her work is available in her Etsy shop here.