Helga Matos was born in Brazil and grew up in the Amazon Rainforest. With such an incredible backdrop to her childhood, it is no wonder that it has greatly influenced her creative work. She says it is a constant source of inspiration for her woven textiles. She has also experienced life in Portugal, Norway, India and South Korea and is currently based in the south of England.


Helga Matos - 3D triangles

Helga Matos – 3D triangles – hand woven; nylon, viscose, upholstery piping (polyethylene)


As well as her own collections of fabrics and bespoke wall art pieces for the home, Helga also creates large works for public spaces, and collaborates with other artists, designers and engineers on a variety of projects.


Helga Matos - 3D illusion

Helga Matos – 3D illusion – jacquard; cotton, copper


It’s the textures that I find most intriguing. Although she uses traditional  jacquard and dobby looms, she weaves using such diverse materials as copper wire, cassette tape, silk and upholstery piping, to create work that is quite experimental. I would love to experience these in real life – the play of light on the many shiny surfaces would constantly be changing, and would be so intriguing. Helga’s main focus is just this – to create surfaces that evoke curiosity and excitement, to make people stop and appreciate materials and craft, to make them want to touch.


Helga Matos - fabrics 1

Helga Matos – fabrics 1 – Jacquard; hand woven-wool, nylon


Helga Matos - soundworks

Helga Matos – soundworks – handwoven; bronze, tinned copper, polyurethane, viscose, cotton


Helga Matos recently exhibited at the prestigious Milan Furniture Fair. You can find more of her work on her own website, helgamatos.com.