Francisca Ruff Came up with the name “Estrella de Anis” [star anise] when she used to work part time as a confectioner in a pastry shop. They used many spices, but “on the rare occasions we used star anise I marvelled every time at the beauty of its delicate star-shape. Someone told me that they are symbols of good luck. So it seemed to me as a good name which evokes not only a determined graphic form, but also a particular flavour.”


estrella de anis - pomegranate

estrella de anis – pomegranate


Originally from Chile, and graduating in Graphic Design in 2004, she went travelling in Europe in 2007. “I had a hunger for discovering new places and experiencing different cultures. With just a one-way ticket and no plan I headed to the old continent, and travelled around for 10 months. It was an amazing journey. By the time my money was almost gone, I decided to stay the last three months in one of the cities I liked the most: Berlin. With no German or acquaintances I landed there with my lucky German passport (thanks to my great great grandfather). Three months turned into 4 years. I just simply fell in love with the city and decided to stay here.”


estrella de anis - caspian

estrella de anis – caspian


Although Francisca had spent her time focusing mostly on corporate and editorial design, she decided to start Estrella de Anis about two years ago as a side project.  “I have always felt more at home with illustration, patterns and crafts. I love the process of drawing, of telling a story. Of figuring out how to join the end of a pattern to the beginning of the other and seeing how it all comes together making an endless texture.”

Inspired by folklore, nature, and her travels, she creates her designs using both traditional and digital media. I am loving the combination of bright colours with cross-hatched textures in her print Pomegranate (above).


estrella de anis - hamelin

estrella de anis – hamelin


estrella de anis - jellyfish

estrella de anis – jellyfish


Francisca’s work has been featured on Print & PatternDesignWorkLife and Papa Issue. You can find Estrella de Anis on her website here.