It’s not often that I introduce an artist’s work as ‘amazing’, but for Renato Crepaldi’s marbled papers, the term is well-deserved. The Brazilian artist uses the centuries-old technique to create glorious and deliciously complex patterns.


renato crepaldi - marbled paper

renato crepaldi – marbled paper


renato crepaldi - blue peacock

blue peacock


The technique is relatively simple – float spots of ink in a broad, shallow tank, then manipulate them using a variety of large combs to create the patterns. The paper is placed on top and then is drawn off, taking the ink with it to create the print.

However, it requires specialist knowledge and particular craftsmanship at each step to create pieces as beautiful as these. The size and placement of the initial ink spots, choice of comb size, and the handling and direction of the combing all play a part, as well as a steady hand with the paper.


renato crepaldi - blue brown french shell

blue brown french shell


Renato takes on modern technology and materials, remaking classic patterns with contemporary pigments and metallic accents, and he also often marbles over dark coloured papers resulting in works with a particular depth and intensity.


renato crepaldi - blue brown chevron with circles

blue brown chevron with circles


renato crepaldi - marbled paper

renato crepaldi – marbled paper


renato crepaldi - book of handmarbled papers

book of handmarbled papers


His papers have been exhibited world-wide and have been published in a number of books, including a special edition of his own (which unfortunately I can’t find any further information for!).

You can find more of Renato’s fabulous work on his Flickr site, renato_crepaldi, and there’s a very good demonstration of his technique on PaperMojo.


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