Kari Herer’s Dad was a biology teacher, and she credits him with her love of nature. She said she grew up surrounded by animals – at one point they had a baby pool in their kitchen with African frogs in it, and another time they kept a rescued bird in the spare bedroom.


kari herer – rabbit no.59


She loves flowers, and who can blame her? Big, blowsy, decadent flowers, flowers to drown your senses in. Peonies, magnolias, tulips. She also has a quirky sense of humour and some great drawing skills. Some of her images are quite atmospheric, reminiscent of 17th C Dutch paintings, with brightly lit flowers on rich, dark backgrounds.


kari herer – magnolia bug no.4332


kari herer – fox and flower no.9888


kari herer – magnolia and flower illustration no.6692


Kari was given her first camera, a Pentax ZX-50, by her mother when she was in high school, and she still has it. But at that time film photography was expensive, and so she studied graphic design and ceramics at University instead, and it was only much later that she stumbled back into it through a graphic design job.

kari herer – botanical no.4190


kari herer – peony no.3240


After opening her Etsy shop in 2008, her portfolio has grown to include portraiture and weddings, and you can see some of this work on her blog, and her own site, www.kariherer.com (love that dog!).

Her gorgeous images have been featured in many high profile publications, including Martha Stewart, Town and Country, and InStyle Magazine.

You can find Kari’s Etsy shop here.