OK OK OK. Well I reckon that if I’ve got a Pinterest board called “Love a good succulent“, than you can safely assume that hey, I don’t mind the odd cactus. The shapes and colours are pretty incredible – I love their chunkiness, their strange shapes and their spectacular flowers. (Go on, check out my Pinterest board and you’ll see why!)

But how does all of that translate into craft and surface design? Like most trends, there’s some total fabulosity, and there’s some goddamn-awfulness. But you know, I reckon that cactuses (or cacti if you prefer) are one of a select group of motifs that seem to hold their own in other mediums – it wasn’t hard at all to find great stuff on Etsy and Pinterest.

Yeah, I probs don’t need a cactus cushion for my couch, or a cactus nightlight for my bedroom either – but they sure look fun. What do you think?


{click on the pics for the links to original sources}

cactus mobile - mimoproject.etsy.com

cactus mobile – mimoproject.etsy.com


cactus cushion - cushbarcelona.etsy.com

cactus cushion – cushbarcelona.etsy.com


cactus crochet pattern - vliegendehollander.etsy.com

crochet pattern – vliegendehollander.etsy.com


nightlight - trehousestainedglass.etsy.com

cactus nightlight – trehousestainedglass.etsy.com


winter cactus - frameless on society6

winter cactus – frameless on society6


illustration - geffenrefaeli.etsy.com

illustration – geffenrefaeli.etsy.com


cactus - yoga top - simkasol.etsy.com

cactus – yoga top – simkasol.etsy.com


Oh, and I could wear this cactus top when I’m feeling particularly spiky. Watch out kids!! ;D

Julie x