brand touchpoints grab attention

Your brand touchpoints are everywhere.

Have you heard of touchpoints? They’re every interaction you have with your audience and your customers. 


Because “if you’re not branding yourself, then others are doing it for you.”
Which means that if you don’t understand what your brand’s personality is, or what kind of vibe you want to put out into the world and control that, then your audience will make up their own minds, based on the bits and pieces of what they see of you.

You DON’T want that.


Touchpoints drive your customer experience.

They can make or break that relationship. They can turn a ho-hum audience into a raving fan, or they can leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth. It’s up to YOU.

So what can a touchpoint be? Just about anything.

It’s your business name, it’s your tagline. It’s your written tone of voice and the words you choose. It’s your website content, and what you choose to include in your ebook (and what you leave out).

It’s how you write your emails to your clients, it’s your newsletter to your list. It’s what you include in your presentations if you’re giving a webinar. Of course the visuals are really important – it’s your brand colours,  it’s the fonts you choose, it’s the other graphic elements such as pattern and texture,  it’s the layout on your website, how easy is it to navigate and find what they want, how easy is it to purchase from you? And it’s your 404 error page.

It’s what you include in your advertising. It’s your posts for social media – their layout and the words you use. It’s the emojis you use. 

It’s your business card’s layout – and even how it feels in your hand (thick, beautifully textured, or thin and cheap?). It’s your letterhead and your invoicing. If you hand-write things, how neat is your handwriting? 

If you have physical products, it’s how you package those products, and it’s what your package smells like when it arrives at your client’s home. I received some goods in the post once with the seller’s name and email address scribbled on a piece of paper. I chucked in the bin and I haven’t bought anything from them again (and I wouldn’t remember who they were in any case).  

If it’s food, it’s not just about taste – what does it look like on the plate? How does it feel in the mouth? If you do real-life events like trade shows or markets, what’s your setup like? Does it look complete and well-thought out, or does it look like a jumble sale?


Getting direct and personal…

How do you shake hands, and what does that say about you and your brand? How do you stand – tall and straight, or are you a sloucher? Think about sound – what’s your speaking voice like when you’re on the phone, or when you’re doing a Zoom call, or even talking to a person in the same room? If you’re giving a webinar, it’s how you introduce and finish your videos, it’s how you introduce yourself on a podcast.

Do you have any kind of autoresponders on your email or your Facebook messaging and what do you say there? I’m all for out-of-office replies if they’re done well, but they easily become very impersonal. 

You KNOW I’ve hardly even started – I bet you can think of a dozen more touchpoints for your own business. These are just SOME – so think very carefully about all that stuff when you go about your business day. YOU have the power to control it; YOU have the power to give your audience a very clear picture of what it’s like to work with you, and how you can make them feel.

So use it consciously and use it wisely.

What touchpoints do YOU have in your brand that I haven’t thought of here?