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I Knew I Was In Business When ….

  You know, the actual fact is that I never really had a moment of “I knew I was in business when…” (but I’m totally heading off to THE best women’s business conference in Australia in only two weeks because I am ABSOLUTELY doing the biz thing now!) It’s been a long journey. I suffered… Read more »

Who am I really? On opposites and self-doubt

  I’m about to get personal. Inspired so much, in so many ways by the wonderful Karen Gunton, I shared these words in a facebook group yesterday. The response was… beautiful. I’d like to share it again, because I think it’s important. It’s about what it feels like to live with self-doubt.   My life trajectory… Read more »

My wrap-up of the 2015 Artful Business Conference

2015 artful business conference

Artful Business Conference   OH. MY. Seriously my head is still spinning from this wonderful, amazing, warm-hearted, beautiful, sharing conference. It was inspiring, it was practical.  It was mind-bending and down-to-earth. I think it was even life-changing (but I’ll let you know for sure in a year or so). Karen Gunton (The Lighthouse Revolution) spoke about the need… Read more »