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Wire wrapped jewellery has to be one of the most abused methods of construction known to metal craft. The plethora of ugly, misshapen abominations I endured while searching for good examples to show you meant that I searched through FIFTY PAGES on Etsy before I came up with these few examples (that’s around 2,400 products if you’re wondering).

These are the best I’ve found. While they’re not all exactly my cup of tea, these examples do display admirable skill, attention to detail, precision and a sense of form and composition.


red landscape earrings - KUKLAstudio.etsy.com

{red landscape earrings – KUKLAstudio.etsy.com}


dirigible plum earrings - yoola.etsy.com

{Luna Lovegood dirigible plum earrings – yoola.etsy.com}


green bastard pendant - NoeticEffect.etsy.com

{green bastard pendant – NoeticEffect.etsy.com}


spaceship pendant - INMIUM.etsy.com

{spaceship pendant – IMNIUM.etsy.com}



Why is there so much bad? I really believe it’s because of that gigantic monster of a double-edged sword that is the DIY movement. I love the DIY movement because it has encouraged people to create and do and believe in handmade.

Sadly, it has also meant that anyone and everyone with a pair of pliers and a hank of wire has decided to call themselves a ‘jeweller’. Crikey. It’s like me changing the washer in a tap and calling myself a plumber.


It’s a question of quality. Like any material, with any method, there are utterly stunning examples. They all have three crucial ingredients –


imagination + design knowledge + skill


Try these from the grand dame of wire jewellery, Arline Fisch.  She is a US jeweller who has been translating textile techniques through wire for most of her working career – more than 50 years.


Arline Fisch - Lace Hub Necklace

Arline Fisch – Lace Hub Necklace


Arline Fisch - medallion halo necklace

Arline Fisch – medallion halo necklace


And watch out when she chooses to introduce coloured wire into her work.


Arline Fisch - coral wreath necklace

Arline Fisch – coral wreath necklace


Arline Fisch - corals - photo William Gullette

Arline Fisch – corals – photo William Gullette


Craft needs more skill.

The world needs more beautiful and less ugly.