Neon-vibrant and fearlessly wild are just a few of the words I would use when describing the work of Christina Anton, the maker behind Boo and Boo Factory. Her earrings, necklaces and other accessories are vividly unmistakable in their flamboyant combinations of coloured leather, feather and chain.


boo and boo factory - aztec triangles necklace

booandboofactory – aztec triangles necklace


Surprisingly, despite the boldness of her designs she is a fairly private person, and doesn’t give much away about herself. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago and worked as an architect since 2006 in various firms through Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. She completed her Masters through Southern California Institute of Architecture last year.

It was through architecture and its associated disciplines of computer aided design, laser cutting and 3D printing that Christina discovered she had a love of small object design. “This inspired me to take my growing jewellery design business and pursue it full time.”


boo and boo factory - fruit square earrings

booandboofactory – fruit square earrings


boo and boo factory - neon geometric earrings

booandboofactory – neon geometric earrings


Inspired by architecture first and foremost, Christina is also inspired by an eclectic and wide range of things, including computer modelling, anatomy, vintage botanical drawings, plant cells and taxidermy – “places where people wouldn’t normally find beauty unless you really look”. She also expresses her ideas through a variety of other disciplines including animation and photography.


booandboofactory - rainbow fringe leather bib necklace

booandboofactory – rainbow fringe leather bib necklace


boo and boo factory - spike faux rhinestone earrings

booandboofactory – spike faux rhinestone earrings


Often using one of her own photographs as a starting point, she lays out a variety of different colour combinations of leather and other materials, such as beads, paint or feathers. Using various techniques, ranging from hand painting and hand cutting through to beading and weaving, she plays with the materials until she is happy. “I usually never know what the end product will be, but that is what helps keep my ideas fresh and my creativity flowing. I’ll make different shaped cut outs, create different color palettes and cut several types of fringes and mix and match until I find the right fit.”  The result is a wild mix of pattern, print, colour and form.


booandboofactory - triangles stud earrings

booandboofactory – triangles stud earrings


boo and boo factory - tribal lime necklace with polka dots

booandboofactory – tribal lime necklace with polka dots


Christina’s work has appeared on Design MilkPikaland, Design for Mankind, Oh Joy, and many other blogs and magazines.

You can find more of Christina’s work in her Etsy shop, and on her own website,