I hope you’ve been enjoying this musical interlude, while I’ve been concentrating on other things for a short while. This is the last in the series featuring music + colour, I’ll be back on Monday.

Julie x



White Chalk : PJ Harvey

I could not leave without sharing a piece from one of my most favourite artists. There’s something of the wild and untameable in PJ in the most ethereal sense, and I’ve loved her work for a long time – from the raw energy of her 1992 song Dress, through to the gut-wrenching ideas in Let England Shake.

This is the title track from the beautiful and tender album White Chalk, featuring PJ and her piano.




vlad - la partitura de la vita

vlad – la partitura de la vita

{vlad – via here}



photoladz - snow angel

photoladz – snow angel

{photoladz via here}



wildwildernessphotos - white sea

wildwildernessphotos – white sea

{wildwildernessphotos – via here}



poast - countryside houses

poast – countryside houses

{POAST – via here}



horst kiechle - torso

horst kiechle – paper torso with removable organs, created from 200gsm card for the ┬áScience Lab of the International School, Fiji. There is also a video showing the organs being loaded into the torso – follow the link below.

{Horst Kiechle – via flickr}