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Photography : PhotoGrunt

Steve Raley’s first camera was given to him at around age 2 or 3, but it wasn’t an encouraging experience. “I was given what was supposedly a “toy” camera but it was actually a working model. It was taken away from me shortly after I received it because I kept taking photos without advancing the… Read more »

Photography : Kim Hayes

Inspired by light first and foremost, the images of Kim Hayes are dramatic and beautiful. Strong compositions with graceful lines evoke a sense of peace and expansive space.     Landscape and travel photography are her first loves, but it is her day job as a wedding photographer that has given her the resources to… Read more »

The thoughtful photography of Jessica Reiss

Since Jessica Reiss started getting serious about her photography, she has been taken aback by the response.  “I honestly never expected to sell anything! My shop has been open for a little under a year now.  I have 100 sales, have had my work on several different blogs, a movie set and a TV show… Read more »