Helen Amy Murray is a designer based in the UK who produces bespoke upholstery textiles for the luxury market. Her designs are individually carved into a variety of surfaces, such as  wool felt, silk and high-tech non-woven materials, but especially leather.


Helen Amy Murray - tropical - wallpanel

Helen Amy Murray – tropical – wallpanel


Helen Amy Murray - Autumn - headboard and toeboard

Autumn – headboard and toeboard


The worked surfaces have been applied to screens, walls, cabinets, chairs and other surfaces in private residences, superyachts and hotels, as well a large commission for Van Cleef & Arpels.

Helen utilises the materials fabulously to create amazing sculpted and tactile surfaces, with small elements repeated en masse through graceful sweeping curves and structured geometrics. The graduation of size and direction of the elements means the effect changes dramatically through change of light and viewing angles to create visually stunning pieces. Her choice of motifs range through a wide variety of inspirations, and include floral, animal, and abstract geometric. Can’t wait to see what she has in store next!


Helen Amy Murray - bloom - chair

Helen Amy Murray – bloom – chair


Helen Amy Murray - chrysanthemum - wall panel

chrysanthemum – wall panel


Helen Amy Murray - fishscales - armchairs

fishscales – armchairs



With thanks to Helen Amy Murray for kind permission to reproduce her images.

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