Bonus! Free downloadable PicMonkey alignment grid

PicMonkey Alignment Grid
free downloadable

free downloadable picmonkey grid



You know how in yesterday’s post I was bemoaning the fact that it’s stupidly hard to align and centre objects in PicMonkey because they don’t offer any tools to do so, or any kind of grid? Well, I’ve fixed that! I’ve put together a really simple tool – a grid as a transparent overlay, marked in convenient halves, thirds and quarters. I’m providing this as a FREE DOWNLOADABLE, so use it for yourself with your next project, and/or you are most welcome to share, share away!


How to use it.

1. Download your transparent grid HERE, and save it to your computer in an appropriate folder.
Make sure it’s saved as a .png file, so it retains its transparency (saving it as a .jpg will automatically give it a solid white background).

2. Open your background image in Picmonkey.

3. Click on Overlays, and Your Own. Choose the grid (it’s called “picmonkey alignment grid”), and click on Open.

4. Resize to cover your whole image by dragging the corners to the edge of your background image. My grid is square, but if you hold the shift key down while you drag the corners, you can change the proportions so that it will cover rectangles too.

5. If your background image is dark, the grid might not show up very well – no probs, just play with the Colour settings and Blend Mode in the Overlay pop-up box until it’s got the best contrast against your image.


picmonkey tute - alignment grid1

Overlay colour set at black shows the true colours of the grid. Some lines on the grid are difficult to see.



picmonkey tute - alignment grid2

Overlay colour set at white shows the grid much more clearly.


6. Add your other elements, and align them with the grid by dragging them around when you see the four-headed arrow, which should appear when you hover over the highlighted object box.


picmonkey tute - alignment grid3


7. Delete the grid. You should be able to select it by clicking on the solid circle in the bottom right of the grid.
And there you go! Perfectly aligned text.

(p.s…. You can also download my beach pic as a free stock photo, here.)


picmonkey tute - alignment grid4


How easy peasy was that!? I’m actually a bit gobsmacked that nobody’s thought of making something like this before. But I’ve searched and searched… aaah well. Now it exists! Hooray!


Now. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say if you’d like better alignment tools in PicMonkey, then just don’t. Get yourself onto Canva instead. PicMonkey is set up for photo editing (especially photos of people – and it’s fab for this) but not graphics; it’s unlikely they’ll be adding any alignment tools anytime soon. Canva, on the other hand, is specifically set up for graphics; it has a fabulous ‘snap’ functionality which allows you to have text and images that line up perfectly, every time. It also allows you to put in your own guidelines, display grids, and you can display the pixel position of any element. And it’s free. Yes, there are some things it can’t do (the paid version has more functionality of course), but there are workarounds to just about every shortcoming.

I’ve been teaching people how to use Canva over the past year or so (and no, I’m not affiliated with Canva in any way; I just want people to make better graphics). If you’re interested, my free 5-day challenge to ‘Conquer Canva’ is starting again soon. It’s aimed at teaching you the tech, as well as the design skills you need to create great graphics, so you don’t have to waste time learning everything by trial and error, AND you learn how to create beautiful images your audience responds to and loves. You can find out more about it here –

See you there?

Julie XX


Meet the Sponsors for July – and some new friends!


Welcome back to my wonderful sponsors and friends – Middlemost Clothing, and First Light Photography!


I’m sure you are familiar with the work of both these beautiful people – Janine from Middlemost Clothing makes clothing and accessories from gorgeous vintage fabrics and other treasures  – and she has recently expanded her range to include fun little badges of linen and leather with custom text on them. So if you’ve got something to say to the world, get a beautifully crafted badge to say it with. You can find her by clicking the image below.

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White Spring Blossoms Photograph - blue sky, spring, sunny, clouds

first light photo – ‘spring sky’



You might notice a few extra banners on the site… these are my new friends (except for Janine from Jiniku (gorgeous clothing, love that dress I bought!), she’s a friend already, welcome back)! We’ve all done a bit of a banner swap for the next month or so, and these lovely makers and bloggers are showing off my banner on their blog too. So hi again Jiniku! and welcome to –

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