Rebranding tractorgirl

Finally, we’re up to the juicy bit – colours, fonts and images… woohooo!!
But of course you can’t get to this point unless you have your foundations in place first. Don’t short-change yourself – skimping on the groundwork means you never have a solid base to refer back to when you get caught up in the next shiny thing (because there’s always a next shiny thing!). So put in the groundwork and the rest becomes simple.

I know this video is a bit longer,  and that’s because there’s LOTS to cover – how to manipulate colour using value and saturation, and how that impacts on your audience’s perception; whether or not to use your own images on your website, and what to look for when choosing stock photos, the different types of fonts and how each of them is perceived, AND my very best tip to choosing between fonts when you really can’t decide.

Are you ready? Let’s go.



I would LOVE you to join in the fun of the comp and have a chance to win free coaching with me, copies of my e-book, and more!! I’ll be sending deets out again in the next newsletter in a couple of days – and entries close 29th Feb AND THAT’S REAL SOON.

AND there’s not many entries so far, so your chances are excellent. You can join in here.



Have you got any questions about your colours? Found a great palette you’d like to share? Same goes for fonts! Leave a comment and share it – the more we share, the more everyone learns, and that’s a good thing. I’d LOVE to see what everyone’s up to.

Julie xx