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What’s your audience looking for when they come to your website? And what do they think when they first encounter your homepage?

Your potential customers expect not only a lovely looking website, but one that’s easy to use. Is that what they’re getting?

In this package of 3 x intense 30 minute 1:1 sessions with full support, we dig down deep into who your audience is, and pinpoint how to present your brand to them in the most beautiful way possible.


Do you know what’s actually in your customer’s head when they first see your website?

What are they really looking for? It’s not just your product.


Your potential customers expect not only a lovely looking website, but one that’s easy to use. They want to be able to easily to find exactly what it is that they want; they want to know that you can solve their problem for them. And they want to be able to trust you before they spend their hard-earned cash with you.

So how do you do all that?

This package of 3 x intense 30 minute 1:1 sessions allows us to dig down deep into your brand to pinpoint who your audience is. Once we understand who your customers are, what their REAL problem is and how you can help them, then we can figure out how best to communicate with them, and we can present your brand to them in the most beautiful way possible.

The focus for this package is not on tech, but on your branding visuals and your user experience – the stuff your audience sees.

These three intensive sessions are spaced approximately two weeks apart, over the course of a month. While they’re structured, they’re also flexible, and we tailor the sessions to where you’re at.  There’s full email support between sessions where you can ask any questions you like, whether simply for clarification of a point we’ve covered or to extend your knowledge. And each session is designed with breadth AND depth, with plenty of space in between to absorb and implement what you’ve learnt.


You’ll walk away with increased confidence in your website, and increased confidence in your ability to connect with your audience, because you understand them better.


How it’s structured:

Session 1: Getting to know your potential customers and what they truly want
(who’s your target market and what’s their story?)

Session 2: What’s your website look like through your customer’s eyes?
(the user experience)

Session 3: Implementing changes and making it lovely
(clarity: what to do how and when, and strategies for future directions)



If you have questions about what we’ll cover, I’m only too happy to have a chat! Email me (, or pop into my Facebook page and leave me a message.


Here’s what others have to say about working with me:

“[Julie] was easy to work with and really understood me better than I understood me.” – Kay Bayly

“Julie’s fresh eyes gave an equally fresh perspective to my web design features. Her suggestions were clear, relevant and on point, and easy to make and follow. I would not hesitate to utilise Julie’s skills again in the future – and plan to do so!” – Shirley Harring

Ready to dive in? 

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