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 You’re fuelled by a sense of purpose.
You know you can make the world a better place.
But somehow, you know you could be connecting with your customers better.

That’s where I come in.

Inspiration : Laurie Poast {ceramics}

Laurie Poast grew up in a little farming village in Wisconsin, dreaming of the far-off places of her ancestors and pondering the magic of craftsmanship in the workshop of her father, the master luthier Ron Poast. It was the architecture of her heritage in...

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Inspiring : Sarah Bagshaw {surface design}

  It was while studying at art college that UK designer Sarah Bagshaw had her first serious encounter with pattern love. It all started when her Mum gave her some patterned 1960s bath towels that she'd had as a child; and Sarah's work abruptly altered direction.    ...

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Small biz : How to market your webinar

 How to market your webinar {artwork by Andy Westface via here} {Guest post from Gemma Falconer}   It’s a fresh new year, full of potential and promise. It’s a time to look back on everything you did in 2014 and search for improvements to make 2015 your year to shine....

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