Monday Mini Makeovers : Creative Biz how-to

Are you a creative small biz with an online shop?

Do you keep looking at your page and thinking “I wish that looked better”, but you’re not sure about what to change?

Here’s an excellent place to start.

MMM - sites


If you’re not happy with how your site/page/shop looks and feels but you’re not sure how to fix it,  I am offering this as a FREE service.





I will take a good hard look at what you’ve got, and then come up with some strategies to help you improve. Not only will you be getting a fresh pair of eyes over your site, you will also get some free publicity, AND you will be helping others learn too. I’ll be running the segment every second Monday, featuring three businesses at a time.


Still not sure whether it will help you?

Here’s what others have said about them –


“Julie, thanks so much for your mini-makeover of my website – it’s always great to have a fresh and professional set of eyes take a look! I have taken on board all your advice. It made me search around for site options and fixes, and all of this only took a few minutes! I’ll be working on your suggestion about more information re: my custom work soon. Thanks again for your input, it has been really valuable!”  – Ruthie, The Silver Forge


“Hi Julie, Thank you so much for my ‘mini make over’. You have made some really good points which I hadn’t thought of before, especially the importance of focusing more on what I’m about and the future, not just the past. I also found your comment about needing more detail on the actual printing helpful. It’s easy when you have grown up with something to assume it doesn’t need explaining. I’m looking forward to hearing more Monday stories and feedback – it’s such a great way to learn and develop. Thank you again. Best wishes” – Deborah, Doe Leather


NOTE: This is intended to be a general look over your site, where I will give you my honest opinion on my first impressions. It will focus primarily on the visual aspects of how your site is presented, how welcoming it is and what information you share with your audience.  It is also just my opinion and there is no obligation for you to use it; and I DO promise to be kind at all times!


So get involved! Every fortnight. All you need to do is shoot me an email, give me a brief outline of your biz and a link to your site. That’s it! Email me here :


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Julie X