DIY : rhino mask with mehndi decoration

Rhino Mask
*Originally published in conjunction with *bespoke* magazine, April, 2014*

Want to be a party animal? Look no further – rhinos make the best party-ers, truly! All you need is some plain cardboard, glue, a marker and some elastic, so you can whack it on yer head.


plain rhino mask with tom and daisy

you can leave your mask plain, but it’s more fun decorated



rhino mask



rhinoceros mask with mehndi -small

rhinoceros mask with mehndi-style decorations


To make your very own, follow this link to download the PDF printable. Print it onto A4 size paper, then follow these easy instructions!

1. Print or trace onto light card. You can decorate your mask now (probably easiest if you know what patterns you want to do), or after it’s assembled.

2. Cut along all solid lines, including the slots to hold the horn and ears on.

3. Score and fold along all dotted lines.

4. Bring the mask together with tabs underneath, and secure in place with tape.

5. Carefully roll the horn into a cone shape, so that the first tab sits directly over the last. Use magic tape (i.e. the type of tape you can draw on; it’s also matt, so it’s not as obvious as sticky tape) to hold the cone shape together.

6. For each ear, roll the base around so that the first tab sits directly over the last, and hold in place with magic tape.

7. Insert tabs of the horn into the slots and secure underneath with tape. Likewise, secure the ears in place.

8. Add some elastic for a chin strap, and you’re done!




Julie X {and Daisy the dog}