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Design How-to : Unity

  Hello! Welcome to the almost-last post in this series on Design How-to.  This one’s on the concept of Unity. Unity is the overall approach to the artwork.  Stand back from your work; take a look at it as a whole. How well does it “hang together” (both visually, and as a concept/idea)? How well… Read more »

The crafted object : Helen Amy Murray ~ upholstery

Helen Amy Murray is a designer based in the UK who produces bespoke upholstery textiles for the luxury market. Her designs are individually carved into a variety of surfaces, such as  wool felt, silk and high-tech non-woven materials, but especially leather.       The worked surfaces have been applied to screens, walls, cabinets, chairs… Read more »

Textiles : Kelly Swallow – upholstery

Kelly Swallow is an Irish designer, who has always loved working with textiles in her spare time. Since she was a child, she has been interested in sewing and fabric. “We had my grandmothers really old manual sewing machine in our house which was perfect for starting out on little projects as a child. So,… Read more »