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The crafted object : Karen Richards ~ textiles

  I must admit I am mesmerised by the textile works of Karen Richards. I first came across her through another artist friend of mine (Vicki Mason – you can find my interview with her here!), and was just a tiny bit amazed by the breadth of her practice, and the depths of her skills…. Read more »

The crafted object : Meredith Woolnough – textiles

  Meredith Woolnough’s textile works are just so goshdarn beautiful. Inspired by nature and old lace, it is their intricacy and fragility that draws me in, and it is their vibrant textures that hold me there.       It is the ephemeral nature of things that is so elegantly conveyed in these delicate pieces; one of… Read more »

The crafted object : Leigh Martin ~ knit

Leigh Martin loves plants. In fact, she admits she is obsessed with them. “My education, career, and artwork revolve around this love, and there are few things that I love more.” Except perhaps knitting. While she has been knitting since college (mostly garments and gifts) it was only a few years ago that she thought about… Read more »