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What even IS ‘branding’?

What the hey is ‘branding’? I get asked this question a LOT, so thought I’d do a quick video to explain. No, it’s not just your logo.     Basically, branding comes down to being consistent in what you put out into the world, curating your customer’s experience of you. In the video, I mention Nike and Adidas… Read more »

I Knew I Was In Business When ….

  You know, the actual fact is that I never really had a moment of “I knew I was in business when…” (but I’m totally heading off to THE best women’s business conference in Australia in only two weeks because I am ABSOLUTELY doing the biz thing now!) It’s been a long journey. I suffered… Read more »

The best laid plans of mice and … women

Happy International Women’s Day!! You know how we women tend to take on too much and try to juggle everything – mother, partner, business owner, and a dozen other roles … not to mention tech issues and the like …. So I just wanted to pop in here and let you know that despite being… Read more »