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The crafted object : Britta Boeckmann {resin & wood jewellery}

Britta Boeckmann moved to Australia for love. When she got here, she fell in love all over again with its beautiful wood. Combining Australian native timbers with translucent resins and semi-precious stones, her jewellery looks a bit architectural with its bold, simple shapes. I love how the clean forms let the rich colours and natural textures shine through; sometimes she adds in bits… Read more »

The crafted object : Jasmine Scott – resin

Jasmine Scott is a maker of resin rings, and a New Zealander currently based in Florida (I’m sure she went there for the weather ;)).       Graduate of the prestigious National Art School in Sydney, and winner of numerous awards in various disciplines, her talent is spread through drawing, painting, sculpture and especially… Read more »

Design How-to : Harmony

  Welcome to the next in my series on Design How-to – this one’s on the Principle of Harmony. (And just in case you need a quick refresher, you can think of the Elements as a set of tools, and the Principles as various ways you can use them.)   Harmony  in music is a… Read more »