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The crafted object : Danielle O’Malley – diorama

  Strange creatures inhabit Danielle O’Malley’s head. They are wild and messy, sociable, scary yet gentle. And above all else, they love music. Principally an illustrator and printmaker, Danielle’s work straddles a variety of mediums and scales; she is also a sculptor, puppet maker, painter, and maker of fabulous dioramas. It is these dioramas that… Read more »

The crafted object : Sarah Matthews – papercuts

  Sarah Matthews is a papercut artist based in the UK. It was while studying Textile Surface Design, she became very interested in paper and the possibilities available through precision manipulation – folding, cutting, slotting and pleating.       One of her favourite materials is Tyvek – a synthetic type of tear-proof, waterproof paper. Onto this,… Read more »

welcome to my first sponsor : Middlemost Clothing!

So very excited to introduce you to my first sponsor – meet Janine Middlemost of Middlemost Clothing!! She makes clothing and accessories for grownups and children from vintage fabrics, along with cards, pouches and other interesting bits and pieces. Janine lives with her husband and children in my home town of Wagga Wagga, so of… Read more »