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Design how-to : Repetition

  Welcome to the next instalment in my series on the Elements and Principles of Design (you can find the rest of the series here) – and welcome to the first Principle that we’re covering – Repetition! Repetition is a fabulous thing. You can use just about anything in your design – the oddest colours,… Read more »

Meet the Sponsors for July – and some new friends!

  Welcome back to my wonderful sponsors and friends – Middlemost Clothing, and First Light Photography!   I’m sure you are familiar with the work of both these beautiful people – Janine from Middlemost Clothing makes clothing and accessories from gorgeous vintage fabrics and other treasures  – and she has recently expanded her range to… Read more »

Design How-to : Direction

  Welcome to the next instalment in my series on Design How-To. (You can find the rest of the series here.) I trust you’ve been enjoying it so far! And I really hope it’s been helpful. This post is on Direction.   Lines can lead your eye in a particular direction, as can shapes (for instance,… Read more »