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Inspiring : Renato Crepaldi (part 2)

When I first discovered Renato Crepaldi’s marbled papers, I have to say I swooned a little. The colours and patterns are so deliciously seductive that I couldn’t resist featuring them on the blog in December last year. The technique of marbling paper is such that no two prints are the same, so when Renato contacted me… Read more »

The crafted object : Elsa Mora ~ papercuts

I admit it; I have been stalking the eminently admirable Elsa Mora for a few years now. Not only does she make fabulously sculptural papercuts, but her art extends into every facet of her life – she is also a drawer, a painter, a photographer, a maker of books and a storyteller. Even her site… Read more »

Surface Design : The amazing marbled papers of Renato Crepaldi

It’s not often that I introduce an artist’s work as ‘amazing’, but for Renato Crepaldi’s marbled papers, the term is well-deserved. The Brazilian artist uses the centuries-old technique to create glorious and deliciously complex patterns.       The technique is relatively simple – float spots of ink in a broad, shallow tank, then manipulate… Read more »