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Hot or Not? Wire Wrapped

Opinion : Wire wrapped jewellery has to be one of the most abused methods of construction known to metal craft. The plethora of ugly, misshapen abominations I endured while searching for good examples to show you meant that I searched through FIFTY PAGES on Etsy before I came up with these few examples (that’s around 2,400… Read more »

Precision and surprise : the 3D printed jewellery of Cinnamon Lee

Cinnamon Lee’s first encounter with 3D manufacturing technologies was at the Australian National University, while she was undertaking her Visual Arts degree. ANU had just acquired an FDM rapid prototyping machine, and she took to it immediately; she feels herself lucky to have been in the right place at the right time. “The thing that really kept my interest… Read more »

The crafted object : Sim Luttin {jewellery}

Australian jeweller Sim Luttin grew up wanting be an inventor. Time spent watching things being created by her grandfather tinkering in his shed and her scientist father had a profound and early influence on her. “I was encouraged to do things in a more labour intensive, meticulous way, which was often a longer and highly detailed… Read more »