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Inspiring : Doll Disaster Design

Doll Disaster Design : Jewellery Tessa Rickard collects antique, broken doll parts and heads, and is incessantly drawn to all the strange objects that time has forgotten about. It was what prompted her business name; her Masters thesis was called “From The Mind Of A Doll Disaster”. Her work – part jewellery, part sculpture – is endlessly intriguing. Sometimes provocative, sometimes… Read more »

The crafted object : Quality ~ it’s in the details

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe famously said “God is in the details.” Quality is being purposeful and attentive to all those little things that many of us rush over, and is the reward for those of us who choose to heed we see.   {via}  It’s in the interiors and undersides of objects.     {via}… Read more »

The crafted object : Frank Ideas {jewellery}

Frank Ideas   Rowan Shaw started designing jewellery because both of her kids were keen swimmers.  “With training every morning at 5am it meant I was stuck in a car or by a pool a lot and jewellery was portable. At that stage it was mainly textile necklaces using felt or cuffs made from vintage buttons, scavenged from thrift shops at… Read more »