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Food : decadence and reality

  I’m about to head off on holidays for a couple of weeks, and as a treat for this week, I thought I’d share with you some of the totally amazing food images I’ve found on Pinterest. Styling food for photographs is an intense and exacting craft in itself – requiring an eye for design,… Read more »

Food : cinnamon apple teacake

  I’m not quite sure where this recipe came from, it’s printed on a scrap of paper like it’s been cut from a magazine. Nonetheless, I recommend it to you – it’s easy peasy, and the cinnamon sugar forms a delicious syrupy crust over the apple on top.     Cinnamon apple teacake 1 1/2… Read more »

Food : Sophie’s apricot coconut tart

  This recipe comes from the very lovely Sophie’s blog, Shine Little Light. She’s a bit of a baker, the old Soph! She published this recipe on her blog last year. And of course, because those yummy apricots are just coming into season, I figured it was all pointing in this direction. Mmmmm, coconuts &… Read more »