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Food : Lumberjack cake

  I’d never heard of this cake until a few years ago when a work colleague brought some in for morning tea. Now there seems to be hundreds of versions available, and why not? It’s sweet, buttery, a bit nutty, very moist and totally delicious. And it’s easy to make. I really don’t know how… Read more »

Food : Gnocchi with black olives

  I’d like to say a big welcome to Ana, a Spaniard living in Luxembourg, who is a passionate foodie and photographer. She presents her own recipes in Spanish and English on her blog, Alis Whim, which has  scrummy pictures and interesting snippets about food, especially lactose-free foods. I hope you enjoy this recipe.  *… Read more »

Books : The Lost Recipe for Happiness – Barbara O’Neal

    Okay okay okay, it’s real fantasy stuff – girl has great job, gets fired, gets offered another way more spectacular job within minutes, moves to spectacular location, falls in love, lives happily ever after. But wait, there are attempts to give it more grit – a mother who dumped her as a child, a… Read more »