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Opinion : 3D printing and craft

Just how do 3D printing and craft fit together? Is it just a matter of using a virtual image or scanning in what you want and shoving a copy of that thing out of the printer? Or as many copies as you want out of the printer? And how is that craft?    {click image for link}  … Read more »

Food : fantastic lemon almond tart

 {More of Siya’s work + interview is here}   You know the old saying “When life gives you lemons…” ? Today I am making my favourite lemon tart. Why? Well, one of the wheels fell off my car yesterday. I mean LITERALLY FELL OFF. Car was heading north and wheel decided to head west.  … Read more »

Surface design : Cressida Bell

Cressida Bell is an extraordinary artist for several reasons. A fabulously talented surface designer, she designs, paints and screen prints, producing a wide range of objects for the home, stationery, and accessories for men and women. AND she is also an utterly incredible cake decorator. Seriously, how amazing are those cakes?     Cressida is… Read more »