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The crafted object : Cardboard Safari

When Chris Jessee first interviewed Luis Rodrigalvarez to come on board his fledgling laser-cutting business building model kits for model train enthusiasts, Spanish-born Luis could barely speak English. Chris was dubious. But then Luis showed Chris his portfolio, which was enormous and full of amazing things. Luis and Chris have been working together ever since.  … Read more »

The crafted object : iheartfink {clothing}

Kristen is the one-woman show behind iheartfink. Starting with sourcing the remnant and recycled fabrics she uses, she designs and makes her own silkscreens, mixes her own water-based inks, handprints the fabrics, and then sews them into her original designs, which she then models and photographs herself with the aid of a timer. And how… Read more »

The illustrated object : Louise Jenkins

  Today I’m going into shady territory. As you know, I love all things craft, surface design and photography, and I usually leave illustration and graphic design to other folk better qualified to talk about them than I. However, Louise Jenkins has such a lovely piece that comes with a compelling story, I just had to… Read more »