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Inspiring : Sarah Bagshaw {surface design}

  It was while studying at art college that UK designer Sarah Bagshaw had her first serious encounter with pattern love. It all started when her Mum gave her some patterned 1960s bath towels that she’d had as a child; and Sarah’s work abruptly altered direction.     “I have been making pattern paintings since my… Read more »

Surface design : Felicity Booth

  Felicity Booth is an artist and surface designer who has worked in a wildly varied collection of jobs, including in her “hippy chick”days when she worked as a caterer at music festivals, and then wrote a guide book while on archaeological digs in Albania. Now she teaches Textiles at the Norwich University of the Arts…. Read more »

Surface design : Parris Wakefield Additions

As far as I am concerned, digital glitch is a very much under-explored area of creative inspiration. I love it! There’s something about those smooth colours and clean yet somehow wonky edges that is very seductive. Husband and wife team Sarah Parris and Howard Wakefield, of Parris Wakefield Additions are wallowing in its possibilities with their… Read more »