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Inspiring : INAE {Laura Hewitt ceramics}

Laura Hewitt started her career in arts as a sculptor in mixed media. When people asked her about her work, she said she often heard herself answer, “Well, it’s not anything, exactly.” And thus, It’s Not Anything Exactly {INAE} Enterprises was born.     Laura’s ceramics are an otherworldly hybrid of organic and machine, mysterious and… Read more »

Get art into the world! : Pots on Wheels

You know I am absolutely passionate about getting art/craft/design out into the world. So when ceramicist Adero Willard (who I featured here) contacted me recently about this awesome Kickstarter she is involved in, I had to spread the word. It’s called Pots on Wheels, or POW! for short.     Adero and six other ceramicists… Read more »

Inspiring : Sas and Fez {ceramics}

Moving between her tiny spare room that doubles as a studio and store room and the electric wheel set up in a corner of her lounge room {and thankful for a “long-suffering and extremely supportive husband who tends to turn a blind eye to my creative endeavours as they devour the house”}, Catherine Keany of… Read more »