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Inspiring: Julie Emmerson {surface design}

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Julie Emmerson is making her mark in the world of pattern. And just like her location, her patterns are filled with sunshine too – bright colours, simple shapes and warmth.     After a long career in graphic design, she says it was a natural progression. “Creatives are always… Read more »

Inspiring : Ben Conservato {illustration}

  “I did struggle with taking photos at first; for someone who studied photography, it kind of baffled me that I couldn’t get it right.” So says Sydney-based Emma Kidd, artist, illustrator, printmaker, zine maker, and photographer, and the face behind Ben Conservato. She thinks she’s figured it out though – “Plain old white background and… Read more »

Inspiration : Carmel Debreuil {painter/illustrator}

    Carmel Debreuil says that one of the greatest things about having been drawing and painting so long is that she doesn’t have to worry about whether the nose is straight or the eyes match. “I can spend more time thinking about the story. That’s a good feeling!” And those stories fascinate; the clues are few and… Read more »