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This was me, six years ago

    I’ve been thinking about how far I’ve come in the last couple of years. On my down days, I feel like I’m pedalling that same bike around that same circuit. Except I’m not. Just like Karen Gunton’s lighthouse analogy, it might seem like we’re going round in circles, but we’re actually spiralling upwards. We can… Read more »

I Knew I Was In Business When ….

  You know, the actual fact is that I never really had a moment of “I knew I was in business when…” (but I’m totally heading off to THE best women’s business conference in Australia in only two weeks because I am ABSOLUTELY doing the biz thing now!) It’s been a long journey. I suffered… Read more »


  For all my life I’ve heard the beat of a different drum. But I only danced to it when nobody was watching. Because I was always told that Art as a career was not an option. I was told it wasn’t a “real job”. I spent my time living in the “comfort zone” –… Read more »