what to expect? colour, texture, and pattern

I thought I’d give you a little taster of the things I will be posting on in the next few weeks. Lots of colour and pattern, reviews of sumptuous books, recipes, tutorials, and some wonderful contemporary craft (and perhaps a few classics too).

Want to know what they are? You’ll have to wait and see! I look forward to sharing with you on the 28th.


launching soon…

I am so excited that I will be able to share my new blog with you soon! Featuring the things that are dear to me – craft, surface design, and books, I intend it to be a visual feast of colour, texture, and pattern (with text, of course!).

I’m just adding to my (already large) collection of beautiful ideas and images at the moment – there is so much wonderful stuff, I almost don’t know where to start….. but I will, and I’ve set the launch date for 28th November – that’s less than two weeks away, friends!

So mark the date in your calendar, sign up for emails (just there to your right), or join me on Facebook and Twitter, so you don’t miss it.

See you all soon!




Julie x