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Inspiring : Nouveau Bohemian {surface design}

With a “background that is ridiculously unrelated to what I do now”, Esther Fallon Lau produces gorgeously diverse patterns, full of whimsical creatures and fairytale people in soft textures and colours. Under the name Nouveau Bohemian, she spreads her designs throughout Spoonflower and Society6 in a profusion of animals, birds, Fridas and tattooed men. She’s a busy person – not… Read more »

Inspiring : Sarah Bagshaw {surface design}

  It was while studying at art college that UK designer Sarah Bagshaw had her first serious encounter with pattern love. It all started when her Mum gave her some patterned 1960s bath towels that she’d had as a child; and Sarah’s work abruptly altered direction.     “I have been making pattern paintings since my… Read more »

Inspiring : JulesAndInk {Julia Pellizzari}

Julia {aka JulesAndInk} Pellizzari’s favourite piece of advice was given to her when she was first venturing out into surface pattern design for herself. “I was reminded that no matter what, always keep moving forward with your passion and what it is you want, each and every day.. even if it’s a small step, it’s… Read more »