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Inspiring : Elizabeth Halpern {surface design}

One of the biggest struggles for freelancers, as designer Elizabeth Halpern and her freelance photographer husband know well, is the financial uncertainty of being independent artists. As she says, it can be “incredibly stressful at times.” But she’s been working at it for more than 18 years, and she’s still going strong.        … Read more »

Inspiring : Sarah York {surface design}

“Hand painted florals are my favorite, as well as research and coming up with new color palettes. Isn’t that the most fun part!?” I’m inclined to agree with San Francisco-based surface designer Sarah York on this – looking at pics for hours (aka research ;D ) and playing with colour is definitely very, very fun!!  … Read more »

Inspiring : Lewis Mark Grimes {surface design}

After a high flying career in publishing and launching his own agency, it was not until he was struck down by illness and a prolonged recovery that Lewis Mark Grimes came to surface design.     Working solely with molted feathers and designing in digital kaleidoscopes, much of his work is reminiscent of shibori with its undulating tones, but retains its… Read more »