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Inspiring: Laura Olivia & the Mekong Delta {surface design}

  Laura Olivia has a long-term fascination with Vietnam. So much so that she has designed her latest collection around it – from the floating markets where the locals trade from boat to boat, to the lush tropical flora and fauna of the area – especially around the massive Mekong River, which is the lifeblood of… Read more »

Inspiring : Laura Mysak (2 years on) ~ florals with romance

laura mysak – roses   “It’s funny how sometimes, the thing which daunts you the most is the area that you should be pushing yourself towards.” Two years after I first featured Laura Mysak‘s surface designs, she took a brave step into the unknown world of large-scale wall art. And suddenly realised that her particular style… Read more »

Inspiring : Marijke Arkley {surface design}

Marijke Arkley counts her experiences in the traditional textile workshops of India as one of the most inspiring things she has ever done. Surprisingly then, at first glance her own textile designs sit in remarkable contrast to the intricacy and flamboyance of those traditional designs. With their abstract geometries in black and white, Marijke’s work… Read more »