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Photography : Pamela Pianezza

Pamela Pianezza dreams about pictures. The pictures she’s done and could have done better, the pictures she couldn’t do, because she didn’t have her camera, and pictures that obsess her so much that at some point she knows she’ll have to go back to that place and try again. “I also dream about the pictures… Read more »

Photography : Baptiste Riethmann {TheDarkSideOfTheRoom}

Baptiste Riethmann is a Swiss-born, French-speaking photographer who has travelled the world and is currently living in Mexico City. There, he runs a small coffee shop and cafe, where occasionally he exhibits his collected images on the walls. And he admits he’s starting to get itchy feet again. “I came to Mexico for first time in… Read more »

Photography : Caryn Drexl

Caryn Drexl has two lives. During the day, she describes herself like this : “While my images might tend to create a specific image of the type of person I might be, I’m actually pretty bubbly and light-hearted. Goofy even. I’m always trying to make people laugh.”     But at night, her photographs are filled… Read more »