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The crafted object : Sandra Bowkett {ceramic}

Sandra Bowkett is one of those artists that the more you find out about them, the more in awe you are of them.     Sandra is a ceramicist living in pristine woodland near Tallarook in central Victoria with her partner, producing cups and bowls in porcelain and decorated with oxides. Her work is simple and elegant,… Read more »

Photography : Blackcurrant Photography {Kell Rowe}

“I can spend an hour in a square metre of garden bed. I feel so driven to capture the tiny things that others ignore, it’s almost a fear… what if nobody else ever photographs that plant? I have to make its life have been appreciated, if only for a moment.”     Kell Rowe had a… Read more »

Small Biz how-to : Monday Mini Makeovers!

  WELCOME to my brand new segment, Monday Mini Makeovers. Here every fortnight, I will be showcasing a bunch of online creative micro-bizzes just like yours – and giving them a visual makeover! The idea is that not only do these good folk benefit from having a fresh set of eyes over their online presence, but… Read more »