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Photography + Craft : Clemens Wirth

Clemens Wirth swears he’s not a wizard despite his red hair. But I have my doubts when I look at his miniature moving dioramas and  think about what has actually gone into making them. I think they’re incredible.     An Austrian filmmaker and artist living in Innsbruck, he first got himself a DSLR camera during… Read more »

Photography : Matthew Ling

Matthew Ling loves a good illusion. When he was 8, he was given a disposable camera by his dad to take on a school trip to France. “I saw a postcard of the city I was in but shot from the air. I thought if I took a photograph of the postcard I could trick my… Read more »

Photography : Beata Czyzowska Young

Beata Czyzowska Young has a message for young photographers. “Expensive camera and expensive equipment is not gonna make you an artist… some of my most popular and most rewarded photos have been taken with a simple point and shoot camera.  “The thing is, when you’re out shooting, don’t look for the obvious; look  for something different and don’t… Read more »