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Hot or not? Ombre

Do you think that the trend for ombre is on its way out? That’s how it seems to me ~ no longer is my Pinterest feed filled with toned tights and layered cakes like it used to be.   {designlump – 5 plates}   {sef – sine wave}   But I must confess that even though… Read more »

Small Biz how-to : Monday Mini Makeovers!

  WELCOME to my brand new segment, Monday Mini Makeovers. Here every fortnight, I will be showcasing a bunch of online creative micro-bizzes just like yours – and giving them a visual makeover! The idea is that not only do these good folk benefit from having a fresh set of eyes over their online presence, but… Read more »

Opinion + Design how-to : There’s decoration and there’s decoration

There’s decoration and there’s decoration, and seriously, it’s not just a matter of taste. What do I mean? I mean the thoughtless sticking on of stuff, just because “it’s-popular-therefore-it-must-be-good” or even “it needed something, so I stuck a flower/bow/octopus on it”.   However, I will forgive Nick Cave (the performance artist with the wild costumes… Read more »